Elis, Olympia 103rd Olympiad.



Eleians demanded the return of the remaining poles which they had lost as a result of the Eleian War in 400 BC. Same time, the Arkadians built a capital city for their League, Megapolis. This new city was to protect Messenia and Arkadia from Lakedaimonian, and it also dominated the main route between Sparta and Olympia.

Next Olympics In 364 B.C.
The regular organizers lost control of the games, because they had become involved in politics.

At the Olympics these years

Olympics witnessed some great achievements this year.

Euryleonis a wealthy princess and a passionate horse breeder won the two-horse chariot races in Olympic Games. Euryleoniswas the second female crown-bearer in the Olympic history.

Damiscus of Elis won the boy´s stadeat Olympia at the age of 12, making him the youngest athletics winner of antiquity at Olympia.

Elis, Olympia 103rd Olympiad.

368 BC.
Hemidrachm, 2.77g.
BCD 117
Very Rare (R2) / F-VF

Hera mint.
Head of Hera / Eagle standing with wings open and head reverted within incuse square. BCD.117
Toned  ex Sellwood collection.

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