Elis, Olympia 109th – 110th Olympiad.

Tyrant of Pellene

109th – 110th

Alexander the Great made him tyrant of Pellene.
It is said that the people of Pellene refused to even mention Chaeron by his name. He was believed to have exiled the aristocrats of Pellene and given their wives and property to their slaves, perhaps because of his study of Plato and Xenocrates.

Arybbas of Epirus was an Olympic and Pythian victor in tethrippon (chariot race).
Married his niece Troas (sister of Olympias). Wife of Philip II, the king of the Ancient kingdom of Macedonia and mother of Alexander the Great.

Arybbas ruled Epirus until 342/341 BC, when he was driven into exile by Philip II, who placed Alexander I on the throne.

At the Olympics these years

344 BC. Chaeron of Pellene.
Chaeron won at the Isthmian Games, possibly twice, and four times at the Ancient Olympic Games, between 356 BC and 344 BC.

Elis, Olympia 109th – 110th Olympiad.

344 – 340 BC.
Hemidrachm, 2.98g.
BCD 185 - 187
Very Rare (R2) / VF

Hera mint. Head of Olympia to right. Rev. FA Eagle standing left, head to right. BCD Olympia 185-187 and 336.4-336.8 var (same obverse die). Toned and carefully centered.

From the collection of W. F. Stoecklin, Amriswil, Switzerland, acquired prior to 1975. Magnifier

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