Elis, Olympia 112th Olympiad.

332 BC.

112th Olympiad.

332 BC was a year of widespread warfare.
In Italy, Alexander of Epirus won a great victory over the Samnites and Lucanians near Poseidonia, and afterwards concluded a treaty with the Romans. His campaign still seemed likely to succeed.

At Tyre, Alexander of Macedon reduced the city after a protracted seven month siege and proceeded to brutally sack the city with great carnage and sold the women and children into slavery. He then advanced into Egypt, where he was welcomed as a liberator and deliverer. Still further east in India, Chandragupta Maurya captured Magadha and established the Mauryan empire.

Chilon of Patras
Was a wrestler from Patras, Achaea, son of Chilon.
He won at wrestling in the 111th and the 112th Olympic Games, four times in Isthmia, three in Nemea and two times at Pythia.

At the Olympics these years

the Athenian athlete Kallipos who had entered the pentathlon, bought off his fellow competitors with bribes. When the Eleans had imposed the fines on Kallipos and his fellow competitors, the Athenians sent Hyperidesto persuade the Eleans to cancel the fine.

When they declined this favour, the Athenians treated them with great scorn, not paying the money and boycotting the Olympic Games, until the God at Delphi declared that he would deliver no oracle on any matter to the Athenians before they had paid the fine to the Eleans. So when it was paid, six bronze statues were made in honour of Zeus, inscribed with elegiac couplets (Pausanias, 5.21.5-7).

Elis, Olympia 112th Olympiad.

332 BC.
Slater, 11.71g.
BCD 161
Very Rare (R2) / EF-VF

Obv: Laureate head of Zeus right. Rx: F – A Eagle standing right, wings closed, thunderbolt behind, H and coiled serpent before. Seltman204. BCD 161.

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