Elis, Olympia 114th Olympiad.

324 BC.

114th Olympiad.

324 BC was a year of dictatorship.
At the Olympic Games (probably at the full moon of August 4) Alexander the Great regarded Olympia as the capital of the Greek world, pronounced the restoration of exiles throughout the Greek world. It was a grand gesture and had wide repercussions, almost causing open war with Athens.

It was at Olympia 324 BC, during the 114th Olympiad, that Alexander the Great declared, that all Greek would be united under his shield.

At the Olympics these years

Herodorusof Megara
Was an ancient Greek musician, ten times Olympic victor in the trumpet contest. He was noted particularly for his size, voracity and loudness of his trumpet
Olympic winner
296 and 292

Elis, Olympia 114th Olympiad.

324 BC.
Slater, 11.73g.
BCD 165
Very Rare (R2) / EF-VF

F-A Head of Hera to right. Rev. Eagle standing right, with open wings and head turned back to left, all within olive wreath. Seltman, Temple 364 (FK/κν) . BCD Olympia 165 (same obverse die). Lightly toned. Struck from slightly worn dies, otherwise, good fine.

From the collection of W. F. Stoecklin, Amriswil, Switzerland, acquired in the early 1950s from the collection of Dr. Naegeliin Zürich.

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