Elis, Olympia 134th/135th – 143rd Olympiad.

Game of two great athletes

134th/135th – 143rd

Clitomachus of Thebes and Caprus of Elis
Clitomachus, who was a triple winner (boxing, pankration and wrestling) at Isthmian Games earlier that year was a favourite for Olympics.

But a local champion Caprus stepped against him in finals, taking the victory over wrestling. Clitomachus then appealed to the judges to bring the pankration forward on the ground that he risked serious injury in boxing.

The judges agreed and Clitomachus lost to Caprusin the pankration finals. Then Clitomachus went and won the boxing victory over King Ptolemy IV picked champion (Aristonicus).

At the Olympics these years

240 BC
Kleoxanos of Alexandria won the boxing and finished as atraumatistos (without being injured).

That time a lot of money was invested in the promotion of Greek games and sport in Egypt. The Hellenistic hippodrome-stadion complex in the centre of Alexandria was constructed.

Eraton of Aetolia won the stadionrace.

Elis, Olympia 134th/135th – 143rd Olympiad.

244/240 - 208 BC.
Slater, 4.62g.
BCD 235 - 240
Scarce (S) / VF

Chr. Vs .: Eagle with hare in the catches flies n. R. Rs.: Winged lightning bundle with volutes between F-A. BCD Olympia 235-240 (Vs. stgl.); Schwabacher Group III; HGC 50 VF

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