Elis, Olympia 78th-82nd Olympiad.

464 – 452 BC.

78th - 82nd

The Sparta earthquake of 464 BC destroyed much of Sparta.
460 BC The First Peloponnesian War breaks out between the Delian League (led by Athens) and a Peloponnesian alliance (led by Sparta), caused in part by Athens’ alliance with Megara and Argos and the subsequent reaction of Sparta. The Athenians have built long walls for the Megaransto their port at Nisaea, thereby earning the enmity of Megara’s old rival Corinth.

Greece 452 BC.
Thirty years peace between Argos and Lacedaemon and Five years truce between Athenians and Peloponnesians.

At the Olympics these years

Pythoklesof Elis (Pentathlon winner) 452 B.C., is not remembered as much for his deeds but for what he may have looked like. Pausanias identified his victory statue at Olympia, erected well after his pentathlon triumph. The statue has been lost to the ages but its base has shown up in Rome.

The temple of Zeus in Olympia is finished. The shrine to Zeus here was simple in the early years, but as time went by and the games increased in importance, it became obvious that a new, larger temple, one worthy of the King of the gods, was needed. Between 470 and 460 B.C., construction on a new temple was started. The designer was Libonof Elis and his masterpiece, The Temple of Zeus, was completed in 456 B.C..

Elis, Olympia 78th-82nd Olympiad.

468-452 BC.
Slater, 11.75g.
BCD 20
Rare (R1) / EF

(10h).Obv: Eagle flying left, rending hare in talons.
Rx: Winged thunderbolt, F – A flanking, all within shallow circular incuse.

A scattering of countermarks present on the obverse, most of them in the field and so not marring the eagle. Exceptional centering, a nice example with lovely details in the eagle’s eye and feathers.

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