Elis, Olympia 87th – 90th Olympiad.

The Olympic truce


A truce (in Greek, ekecheiria, which literally means “holding of hands”) was announced before and during each of the Olympic festivals, to allow visitors to travel safely to Olympia. Three runners, known as spondophoroi were sent from Elis to the participant cities at each set of games to announce the beginning of the truce. An inscription describing the truce was written on a bronze discus which was displayed at Olympia.

During the truce, wars were suspended, armies were prohibited from entering Elis or threatening the Games, and legal disputes and the carrying out of death penalties were forbidden

At the Olympics these years

Spartans won the chariot race nearly every Olympians from 87th-90th.
Nike of Paeonios 420 BC discovered at Olympia.

Between Elis and Sparta
Respectively Elis has won the ancient Olympic games total of 87 times and close second was Sparta, with 76 victories.

90th Olympics 420 BC, no visitors to the games where allowed.
The Eleians fined the Spartans for attacking their own territory after the ekecheiria had been announced there.

Elis, Olympia 87th – 90th Olympiad.

432 - 420 BC.
Hemidrachm, 2.65g. BCD 55
Very Rare (R2) / VF

Eagle standing right on Ionic column capital, head left / Thunderbolt, with volutes above and wings below; F-A across field; all within incuse circle. Seltman,Templepl. VIII, 14; BCD Olympia 55 (same dies).

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