Elis, Olympia 98st - 100th Olympiad.

Criminal conduct


98th Olympiad (388 BC) said to have been the first occasion of criminal conduct at the Games, when Eupolus of Thessaly bribed bribed his 3 opponents to let him win.

All four boxers who took the brides were fined, and four of the six statues were furnished with elegiac inscriptions intended to deter future contestants from cheating. 

At the Olympics these years

384 BC
Euagoras from Elis won. In the 99th olympiad (384 BC) they decided to introduce also a race for four-horse chariots for foals. Sybariades of Sparta won the crown with his chariot drawn by four foals. Later they added a race of two-horse chariots for foals and the race on horseback for foals.

Elis, Olympia 98th-100th Olympiad.

388-380 BC.
AR Hemiobol, 0,46g.
BCD 100
Extremely Rare (R3) / VF

Eagle head right, underneath indistinct examples // Winged Lightning.
BCD 100. R, Extreme Rare, Very nice

Fritz Rudolf Künker 304, Osnabrück 2018, No. 369 and the auction Giessener Münzhandlung 204, Munich 2012, No. 1436.

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